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New Albany FC is a premier youth soccer club in the Central Ohio area. Our goal is to promote the personal development of each player and help them reach his or her full potential, both on and off the field. We focus largely on community, team culture, confidence, and creativity all while growing the players' passion for the game. New Albany FC is dedicated to giving back to the community by supporting local parks and recreational programs, as well as our players corresponding high school programs.

Our Mission

To provide a positive and competitive environment for male and female soccer players of all ages, skill levels, and abilities. To promote the individual development of each player and help them reach their full potential, both on and off the field. To focus on developing dedication, discipline, and above all else, teamwork while growing a passion for the game of soccer. Our staff recognizes that not all players’ priorities will be soccer as they get older. As a result, we make every effort to build a family-like atmosphere that assists in the development of a well-rounded individual who is creative and confident and able to succeed in whatever they choose. We are #DevelopmentFocused #ConfidenceBuilt #CultureDriven

Our Vision

Player development is the primary focus of our Club. New Albany FC offers each player an environment that allows them to develop according to his/her ability. Each player’s needs are different and our staff and programs are chosen and designed to deliver quality soccer experiences at each level.

  • Establish programs for players designed specifically to enhance the knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of soccer.

  • Promote the development of communication, discipline, good sportsmanship and teamwork necessary for academic achievement and good citizenship.

  • Focus on the development of physical, mental, as well as emotional fitness of its team members. 

  • Attract, develop and retain superior coaches that will provide the leadership, player development and operational expertise.

  • Provide continuing educational opportunities for the New Albany FC coaching staff.

  • Prepare high school aged players for competition at the collegiate level, thereby maximizing exposure to college recruiting.

Our Values

We are proud to be able to service the community we work in through our core principles: Culture, Community, Creativity, Confidence and Passion. We are able to help players become lifelong contributors to their club, their high schools, their community, and beyond.

Our Story

We exist to participate in player development and support its players local high schools. New Albany FC has deep roots in various high schools around the greater Columbus area such as: New Albany, Johnstown, Westerville, Sunbury, Gahanna, Pataskala, and Columbus. Our coaching staff is made up of many elite high school coaches in the Columbus area that want to support the development of players throughout their careers. The opportunity to be coached by these individuals allows players and parents to form a mutual bond with someone they may come across in their high school career. These one-on-one connections are powerful and unique to our program and can greatly impact the players. We welcome all players across Central Ohio and would love to help take you to the next level.

What Our Parents Say


Jenna, NAFC Parent

We've lived in three states in the last ten years so this is my son's third club. The professionalism and communication from NAFC coaches is hands down the best we've ever experienced. Because of this there is a positive culture throughout the club. No drama, overly involved parents, or silos. The boys receive top notch training that builds their skills and confidence. All players are treated equally and given the same opportunities to develop and play. The staff is loaded with current high school coaches that understand the soccer/life/academics balance of their players and teach them the importance of hard work and integrity in all aspects of their life. They are also very supportive of players playing other sports. No pressure to specialize at NAFC, as my son also plays basketball. Coach Johnny Ulry specifically, is the best soccer coach my son has had. He knows the game and is amazing at getting the best from his players. My son became extremely burned out with soccer at his previous club because of the overtraining and stressful culture (coached by former professional players). The coaching at that club was inconsistent, communication was poor, and had a win at all cost culture. Because of this, my son lost confidence and the love of soccer. It was not a healthy environment for my son. As soon as he started playing for Coach Ulry his love and joy for the game returned, he regained his confidence, and continues to grow as a player. Simply put, he loves playing for NAFC. As a parent I love the positive leadership and culture NAFC provides. NAFC is a first class organization with first class leadership!
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